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About our Deep Clean

Experience unparalleled cleanliness with Optimum Cleaning Services’ Deep Cleaning service. Tailored for all residents of Maricopa County, Arizona, our deep cleaning goes beyond the surface to rejuvenate your living space. This extensive service is perfect for maintaining a hygienic and inviting home environment.

Deep Clean
Key Features

Our Deep Cleaning service encompasses a comprehensive approach, starting with meticulous dusting to eliminate every speck of dust from your home. We pay special attention to flooring, employing advanced techniques to rejuvenate all types of floors. The kitchen and bathrooms receive a thorough sanitization, addressing every surface and corner to ensure hygiene and sparkle. Each room in your home is treated with personalized care, adapting our cleaning methods to meet its specific needs and characteristics.

Deep Cleaned Bathroom
Focus on Detail

We include a more thorough and extensive focus on areas often overlooked, such as blinds, shutters, and baseboards.


Our Deep Cleaning includes comprehensive sanitization of all surfaces such as Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Kitchen Cleaning

We include a more detailed cleaning of kitchen areas and appliances.

Window Cleaning

Our Deep Clean also includes inside window cleaning and windowpane cleaning.

All Optimum’s Deep Cleanings Include

Thorough dusting, including ceiling fans, blinds, and window sills
Cleaning of floors, carpets, and rugs
Deep cleaning of the kitchen, including appliances, countertops, and sinks
Bathroom sanitization, including toilets, showers, and tubs
Personalized room-by-room cleaning

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