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Experience fascinating cleanliness with Optimum Cleaning Services’ Airbnb Cleaning service. Tailored for all residents of Maricopa County, Arizona, our Airbnb cleaning aims to meet the specific needs of short-term rental properties, ensuring that they are not only clean and tidy but also meet the high standards expected by guests.

Airbnb Cleaning
Key Features

Our Airbnb Cleaning goes beyond standard cleaning by focusing on the details that create a comfortable, inviting, and memorable stay for guests. It’s about ensuring that every aspect of the rental is meticulously taken care of, reflecting the hospitality and care of the host.

All-Room Cleaning

Includes bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. The focus is on creating a welcoming and clean environment for guests.

Guest Readiness

Ensuring the property is set up according to the host’s specifications and ready for new guests, including arranging furniture, and decorative items, and possibly setting up a welcome package.

Checking and Reporting

Noting any damages or issues that need attention and reporting them to the property owner or manager.

Linen Service

Changing bed linens and providing clean towels. This may also include laundering used linens.

All Optimum’s Airbnb Cleanings Include

Dusting all surfaces, including furniture, window sills, and decorations, and vacuuming all floors.
Changing bed linens, making beds neatly, and ensuring a comfortable and inviting sleeping space.
Emptying and cleaning all trash bins, replacing liners, and ensuring no waste or odors are left behind.

Cleaning and sanitizing of the bathroom, including the toilet, shower/bathtub, sink, and mirrors.
Replenishing essential supplies like toilet paper and providing guest toiletries if offered by the host.
Cleaning windows and glass surfaces to enhance natural light and the overall appeal of the space.
Custom packages are available.

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